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Video: Stripping tools

  • Overview of KBT cable strippers
  • KBT cable strippers WS-04A/04B/07/08
  • Maintenance works for automatic strippers WS series
  • KBT strippers for uncoating of round cables MC-04, WS-05/09
  • KBT cable stripper WS-10
  • KBT cable strippers WS-11
  • 3D video WS-11
  • KBT cable strippers WS-12 «Jaguar»
  • Modified semi-automatic stripper with cutting function WS-13
  • KBT cable strippers КС-25, КС-28
  • Tools for uncoating of XLPE cables КСП-40/50/65/90/150
  • Tools for uncoating of XLPE cables КСП-30
  • KBT electrician's knives НМ series
  • Stripper with voltage detector