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Automatic multifunctional stripper with micro-setting screw WS-04A (КВТ)

Automatic multifunctional stripper with micro-setting screw

KBT cable strippers WS-04A/04B/07/08
Overview of KBT cable strippers
Maintenance works for automatic strippers WS series
Article: 61668
Retail price:
1650.00 Р
  • 4 in 1
    • Stripping wires with cross-sections 0.05-10 mm²
    • Cutting wires up to 10 mm²
    • Stripping outer sheath from flat cables
    • Crimping capacity: 0.5-6.0 mm²
  • Automatic adjustment to the necessary size and insulation thickness in the common range 0.2-6.0 mm²
  • Use the set screw for the setting in micro range from 0.05 mm²
  • Reinforced jaw grip width of 11 mm
  • Stripping of several wires in single operation due to wide jaw
  • Combined crimping profiles
  • Types of terminals (for crimping): 
    • Insulated (red, yellow and blue)
    • Non-insulated ferrules
    • Automobile disconnectors
  • Tool protective cap
  • Detachable adjustable stop controls the length of wire to be stripped
  • Double-component no-slip handles with insertions made of soft TPR
  • Two integrated return springs
  • Classical design
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Length: 205 mm
Automatic adjustment for diameter