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Open-type protection glasses (РОСОМЗ)

Open-type protection glasses

Open-type protection glasses
Article: 80115
Retail price:
788.00 Р
  • Open-type glasses with a big lookout angle and protection from high-speed flying objects. Headband for tight fixation and comfortable work in confined places
  • Reliable protection from acid splashes, UV and infrared light
  • Recommended to be used in installation works connected with the cold treatment of metal, stone, plastic, timber
  • Set contains:
    • glasses with ear arms
    • headband 
    • blind spec
  • Оptical class: 1
  • Optical light filter: 2С-1,2 colorless 
  • Detachable ear arms and headband can be interchanged
  • Adjustable nose pads for more comfort in use
  • Effective ventilation due to blind spec made of cellular polyethylene 
  • Protective glass РС Super – no mist, no scratch
  • Weight: 56 g