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Mastech multimeters

Digital multimeter MAS830L
MAS830L ()
Compact digital multimeter for measurement of current and voltage
Digital multimeter MAS838
MAS838 ()
Compact multimeter for measurement of current, voltage and resistance
Clamp meter M266F
M266F ()
Clamp meter with insulated dust core probes
Laser digital pyrometer MS6530B
MS6530B ()
Laser digital pyrometer made by Mastech
Cable tracker MS6812
MS6812 ()
Designed for detection of the cable or telephone line
Тестер для евро-розеток MS6860D
MS6860D ()
Тестер для евро-розеток
Мультиметр цифровой MS8332C
MS8332C (Mastech)
Мультиметр цифровой