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Ratchet cutter for steel-tape armored cables НС-100 (КВТ)

Ratchet cutter for steel-tape armored cables

KBT ratchet cable cutter НС (KBT)
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НС or НСТ cable cutter made by КВТ
Article: 53808
Retail price:
21600.00 Р
  • Cutting range:
    • steel-tape armored cables up to 100 mm
  • Compact supporting legs for steady positioning during cutting
  • Blade hardness 48-52 HRC. Blades of special shape
  • Heat-treated blades with precise sharpening
  • Telescopic handles can be locked at any position
  • Easy work with one hand
  • Not for ACSR cables or steel wire-armored cables
  • Waterproof fabric bag
  • Weight: 5.90 g
  • Length: 520\720 mm
Cutting capacity up to 100 mm
Telescopic handle
Studs in kit
Fabric bag