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Hydraulic kit for cutting cables under voltage НГПИ-85 (КВТ)

Hydraulic kit for cutting cables under voltage

KBT set for cable cutting under voltage НГПИ-85
Article: 61843
Retail price:
162750.00 Р
  • Suitable for cables voltage under 35 kV
  • Kit contains:
    • НГО-85 cutting head
    • Hydraulic pump ПМН-7012 with an installed gauge
    • Insulated high-pressure hose (10 m)
    • Earthing set for the head (grounding cable 1 m with a pin)
    • Earthing set for the pump (grounding cable 3 m with a pin)
    • Durable steel case
  • The extended length of an insulated high-pressure hose lets an operator keep a safe distance
  • Open-type cutter with a support-handle
  • Foot pressure relief lever and a gauge help to keep control
  • Pressure: 700 Bar
  • Output: 6.5 T
  • Special oil with insulative ingredients
  • Earthing cable is covered with silicon transparent insulation layer
  • Bigger oil tank: 1.2 l
  • Case sizes: 760x270x250 mm