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МПК-02 (КВТ)

Dies for crimping of twin end sleeves

Dies for crimping of end sleeves МПК-02/03/06
Матрица МПК-02 для опрессовки штыревых втулочных наконечников НШВИ и НШВ сечением 0.25–6 мм²
Article: 69958
Retail price:
720.00 Р
  • Dies for crimping of insulated and non-insulated end sleeves
  • Types: НШВИ, НШВ
  • Cross sections: 0.25/0.34/0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5/4/6 mm²
  • Six-position die
  • Crimping profile: trapezoidal
  • Recommended to be used with pliers: CTB, CTA, CTK, CTB set