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Hydraulic crimping tool with auto pressure relief ПГРс-400у (КВТ)

Hydraulic crimping tool with auto pressure relief

Hydraulic crimping tool ПГРс-400у
Indent and hexagonal crimping
Crimping of cable lugs in details
Article: 54721
Retail price:
49200.00 Р
  • Designed for crimping copper and aluminum cable lugs
  • Set contains:
    • Hand-operated hydraulic crimper
    • Set of 9 hexagonal crimping dies
    • Durable and light plastic case
  • Crimping capacity: 35-400 mm²
  • Automatic pressure release valve
  • Rotate the handle to relieve pressure
  • Double speed pump for quick operation
  • C-shape rotatable head
  • Forged head for extra reliability of the tool
  • Anti-backlash positioning of dies for precise and accurate crimping
  • Handles made from light and strong fiberglass
  • Distance between dies is 38 mm
  • Output: 13 T
  • All-season hydraulic oil
  • Set\tool weight: 9.80\ 5.90 kg
  • Tool length: 630 mm
  • Case sizes: 735х215х105 mm  
Hexagonal crimping
Output — 13 tons
С-shape head
Auto pressure relief valve
Rotatable head
Durable plastic case