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Multi-range crimping pliers for end sleeves ПКВш-6 (КВТ)

Multi-range crimping pliers for end sleeves

KBT crimping pliers ПКВш-6
Article: 74593
Retail price:
2535.00 Р
  • Range of end sleeves:
    • НШВИ, НШВ: 0.25–6.0 mm²,
    • НШВИ(2): 2х0.5–2х4.0 mm²
  • Universal tool for crimping of all sizes within the range
  • Auto-adjustable die
  • Hexagonal crimping with grooving
  • Pressure adjustment for crimping force control
  • Ratchet for complete crimping guarantee
  • Double-component ergonomic handles
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Length: 170 mm
Crimping of cross sections up to 6 mm²
Hexagonal crimping
For crimping of insulated end sleeves
For crimping of twin insulated end sleeves