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KBT tools story on one page

KBT tools is an official dealer of the most popular brand for tools and asseccories used for work with electricity. We are very attentive to all the changes on the market, this helps us keep the reputation of one of the leaders in the electro-technical realm.


In 2015 KBT brand celebrated its 15th anniversary. But the story has begun a lot earlier-in 1996 when we have established a company that manufactured cable hardware and installation accessories. Over the first five years we managed to become popular on the electro-technical market. In 2001 we have introduced installation tools made by KBT, and this made us the only competitor to the manufacturer of electricity tools in Russia- "ЭМИ" factory from Nizhnyi Novgorod city.

In 2003 we have released first KBT crimpers that were produced by KBT factory. By that time the factory owned a land plot for its premicies. 

The range of tools was not as big as it is today. There were about 50 crimpers for insulated terminals, hydraulic crimpers, ratchet cable cutters. But even this small range of tools helped the company to take a significant part of the market and the quality of tools made us a leader on the electro-technical market, that nowadays continues to introduce new tools and products.


We are in a constant search of higher quality for electro-technical tools.

A team of qualified engineers, who are devoted to their jobs, ensure the quality of KBT tools. We have all the neccessary equipment, experience and high culture of production. Independant examinations of our tools prove them to be reliable and of high quality.


Today the assortment of KBT tools can place the company on the same level with the world leaders of the industry. More then 700 articles are manufactured by KBT brand. They can be devided into groups:

  • tools for crimping of terminals and ferrules
  • tools for stripping and cutting cables
  • tools for busbar punching, bending and cutting
  • tools for work under voltage
  • bench tools
  • tools for installation and work with ABC up to 500 kV
  • tools for work with water pipes
  • electrican's bags and accessories for comfortable and safe work

Measurement tools made by Mashtech, termianls and crimping equipment of German company GLW take an important part in the range of KBT tools.


The range of KBT tools is so wide that even if you face a very precise task, anyway you will have several tools to choose. KBT gives you an opportunity to reckon budget and options that you need, when you make your decision, you always have a chance to choose a simple budget tool or a professional tool of premium class. Depending on your needs and resourses there is mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or battery-powered tools.

We think over every detail to make a KBT tool functional, ergonomical and reliable. Work with KBT tools brings comfort as well as pleasure. Careful choice of raw materials, special attention to geometry, esthetic outlook, texture of surfaces, lighter weight, usage of modern materials are taken into account when the design of a new KBT tool is beeing thought out.

The fact that we have our own factory allows us to follow all the necessary requirements of strickt and thoughtful quality control. Having our own manufacturing plot lets us immediately react at guarantee cases and make changes, as KBT plant in Kaluga is always ready to change something for better.

Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are within the KBT territory. We are sure to say that KBT tools can be found at the shelves of shops situated in any region of Russia.


We never stop even if the traditional model of the tool is very popular among customers. We are in a constant search for fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Over the past 15 years some models of KBT tools have become innovative headliners of Russian electro-technical market. Choosing KBT tools today, our customers and partners automatically subscribe for a quaranteed development and upgrade.


There is authenticity in everything when we talk about KBT tools: in design, outer shapes, functional possibilities and in everything that is hidden inside the tool frame. We don't just want to be different in the world full of clones, what we really want to do is to find solutions that meet customer needs and that are demanded by the temporary market.

All tools are covered by KBT guarantee from 1 to 5 years depending on the type of the tool. After the guarantee period expires, we offer post guarantee service for our customers that includes on-line advices of our engineers, manuals and drawings, comparative charts and other documents that help our customers to take the most from their work with KBT tools.

Customers from far regions enjoy possibilities to purchase spare parts, get detailed instructions on repair from our service center, view educational videos and articles that help to do the repair works on site without sending the tool to our specialists. All these opportunities help to save money of our customers.


Special attention is paid to educational activities: webinars, seminars, annual conferences, publication of printed materials for our partners and customers, safety trainings for electricians. Moreover, we make different safety and informational stickers, ingravings on our tools. All VDE tools made by KBT have all the neccessary permissisons and certificates, whereas origin of other VDE tools available on the market is not rarely unknown.


KBT territory is honest business with partners. Business with KBT brings mutual profit and lasts for a long time. KBT appriciates loyalty of its customers and does its best to ensure future development and mutually beneficial business.

Our strategy is to follow and anticipate demand of the market. That is why KBT branded tools not just meet customer requirements but quite often go beyond them.