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KBT quality is ensured by a team of professional engineers, devoted to their jobs, modern equipment and high standards of manufacture. The KBT factory works in accordance with ISO 9001 management system.


At the stage of design we thoroughly think of reliability of the tool and about possiblity for repair. Many years of experience and independant examinations prove KBT tools to be reliable, practical and long living.

ERGONOMICS KBT tools have their own face. Careful choice of raw materials, special attention to geometry, esthetic outlook, texture of surfaces, lighter weight, usage of modern materials are taken into account when the design of a new KBT tool is beeing thought out.
WIDE RANGE There are more than 700 articles among KBT tools. Their eleborated range and structural integrity make KBT a strong competitor of the world leaders of the industry.

We never stop even if the traditional model of the tool is very popular among customers. We are in a constant search for fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Choosing KBT tools today, our customers and partners automatically subscribe for a quaranteed development and upgrade.


We focus our attention at step-by-step development of our tools, not having the intention just to make a bigger range. That is our main difference from most Russian brands of electro-technical tools.


We pay special attention to education and safety trainings for electricians of our customers and partners. There is a lot of important information in manuals, articles, webinars, seminars and video overviews made by KBT team.


Being the most well-known Russian manufacturer of electrical accessories: cable lugs, terminals, disconnectors and ferrules, KBT factory uses its expert experience to develop tools for crimping as well as integrated connection solutions:

  •  “cable lugs- crimping dies-tools”
  • “cable glands- punching dies- tools”
  • “heat shrinkable terminals and joints- cable lugs- tools”

KBT is the only Russian brand that has a service center at the factory.

GUARANTEE All KBT tools are covered by company guarantee from 1 till 5 years, depending on the type of the tool. After the guarantee period expires, the brand offers different service solutions.

Customers from far regions enjoy possibilities to purchase spare parts, get detailed instructions on repair from our service center, view educational videos and articles that help to do the repair works on site without sending the tool to our specialists. All these opportunities help our customers to save money and working time.


All the tools were examined and certified by independant laboratories.


We offer our customers a thoughful pricing policy that makes KBT tools attractive for wholesalers as well as for retailers. Tools of European and American manufacturers similar in reliability, functional capacity and quality, cost a lot more.