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New mounter's bag

New mounter's bag

Do you want to provide secure transportation and storage to your tools? It's easy! With the new rigid bag С-21(КВТ) no challenge is big enough for you!

Professional tools for everyone!

Professional tools for everyone!

The range of our products was widened by adjustable pliers with comfortable two-component handle from "Profi" series for gripping flat, round and polygonal details: 

Now you can buy 3 models (180, 250, 300 mm) from the range!


Life is made up of little things. And only little things could make it a mess.

How often do we waste time on finding a little, but a very important detail? Correct organization of your workspace is the key to easy search of necessary items and to concentrate on work instead of searching process. KBT modern cases for storing little things from K series (К-04 (КВТ)К-05 (КВТ)К-06 (КВТ)К-07 (КВТ)К-08 (КВТ)) are the real catch not only for electricians and mounters, but also for good housekeepers.

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